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Latest mail delivery information

Occasional delivery information (weather information, refuge information)

Weather note warning It lifts Kanazawa-shi high-wind warning at 10:28 on December 14 [special warning...
Weather note warning It lifts Kanazawa-shi thunder warning at 4:28 on December 14 [special warning, kei...
Weather note warning We announce Kanazawa-shi thunder, strong wind, heavy seas warning at 10:11 on December 13...
Weather note warning It lifts Kanazawa-shi heavy seas warning at 4:31 on December 13 [special warning ・...
Weather note warning It lifts Kanazawa-shi thunder, high-wind warning at 20:06 on December 12 [in particular...
Weather note warning We announce Kanazawa-shi heavy seas warning at 4:32 on December 12 [special warning ・...
Weather note warning We announce Kanazawa-shi thunder, high-wind warning at 16:35 on December 11 [in particular...
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Periodical delivery information (disaster prevention knowledge)

November 21 [the examination date and time]  Wednesday, November 21 11:00 a.m. [examination...
November 14 [the examination date and time]  Wednesday, November 21 11:00 a.m. [examination...
For seven days from November 9 today, Friday, November 9 to 15th Thursday "forget...
With approach of September 30 typhoon 24th, it is voluntary refuge in facility today following at 14:00...
Was announced with approach of typhoon 21 throughout the city on September 4; "refuge...
With approach of September 4 typhoon 21 at today 15:30 throughout the city "refuge...
Add to suspension of rail line under the influence of approach of typhoon 21 on September 4, Hokuriku Railroad and...
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Contents of service

  1. With Kanazawa (the details click here)

  2. Registration is easy. It is possible even from cell-phone, smartphone and PC.

  3. We can set to receive news email with any address in the case of PC in the case of cell-phone in cell-phone, e-mail address of smartphone.

  4. Information charges for free. But please bear registration and communication expense at the time of the email reception.

  5. Sent information is as follows.
    <periodical delivery (around one time a month)>  Refuge shelter map, disaster prevention knowledge
    <occasional delivery (irregular)>  Weather warning, evacuation advisory, evacuation order (urgently), bear haunting information

    ※In property of E-mail, we may produce delay for delivery.

  6. In the case of cell-phone, please be careful about email incoming refusal.

    When email incoming refusal is set, service is not available.
    @Please set cell-phone to receive email from kanazawa-bousai .com or mail@kanazawa-bousai .com.

    About stop of mail delivery

    For user whom state that cannot send email from Kanazawa continues, we may stop mail delivery on the manager side. I would like your understanding and cooperation.

    In e-mail address enrolled in Kanazawa, there is e-mail address that state that cannot transmit continues now. For example, it is thought that it is in a condition that former e-mail address is registered though we changed e-mail address with carrier changes of cell-phone. In this case delivery to other users may be late to retransmit many times for e-mail address that cannot transmit, and to handle. For many users, I would like your understanding and cooperation to deliver weather information or disaster information smoothly.

  7. District, please be careful in one of   unlike attending school area of elementary school school bottom becoming division of registration.

Registration method
There is method to register from method and cell-phone to register from smartphone PC.

When we register from smartphone PC
1. o click that "we register from → smartphone PC" of lower MENU
2. We input e-mail address and password, town and village name
3. We receive email of registration URL
4. We hold email of registration URL and access designated address
5. According to menu, we register school bottom
6. Delivery choice of weather information
7. Bear haunting information distribution choice
8. Registration completion

When we register from cell-phone
1. Confirmation of email reception setting
2. We access than local menu (Hokuriku menus) of each carrying
  (in the case of access, we access http://kanazawa-bousai .com directly)
3. We choose automatic notice of disaster information
4. Subscribe → We send registration start and progress, email
5. We return to standby screen
6. We receive email for continuation
7. We access address of email mention for continuation
8. School bottom, district name choice
9. Weather information delivery choice
10.Bear haunting information distribution choice
11.Registration completion

※For more details, you choose "registration method with cell-phone" among the following menus, and please refer to content.

We register from smartphone PC
Registration method with cell-phone
Member support registration change, cancellation
It is accessed by cell-phone
You photograph QR code with cell-phone for QR code, and please read.


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